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Cilmiboodhari caashaqiisii Love story of Elmi Boodhari



ISBN: 978-91-982116-0-3

Author:  Maxamed Xirsi Guuleed (Abdibashir)

Category: fiction, poetry, history Young Adults and Adults

Pages: 128

Published: 2014

Material: Paperback

Language: Somali

Elmi-bodhari’s love

This is a book about the love story between Cilmi-bodhari and Hodan. The story is well-known in Somali culture. Boodhari fell in love with Hodan whom he composed a number of songs and poems This edition is an easy-to-read version of what many others have written about the couple before. Cilmi lived from 1908-1940 in the town of Berbera. According to the story, Cilmi dies of love, of a broken heart. The book wants to remind the reader of Elmi’s painful love drama and contribute to the Somali literary heritage. It consists of two parts: The first part tells the love story of Cilmi Boodheri. The second part is a literary criticism of his poems.


Buuggu wuxu xambaarsanyahay qisadii jacaylka Cilmi-boodhari oo si fudud u qoran iyo gabayadii uu tiriyey oo tafatiran, ilaa heer wanaagsan.


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Cilmiboodhari caashaqiisii Love story of Elmi Boodhari