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Waa cutubkii 2aad ee Quraanka kariimka ah ee uu qoraagu turjumay. Wuxuu ka koobanyahay 11 suuradood oo wada Maki ah,  mid mooyaane. 

It is the 2nd chapter of the holy Quran that the author has translated. It consists of 11 surahs, all of which are Maki except one.


Mohamed Hirsi Guled(Abdibashir)

Mohamed Hirsi Guled (Abdibashir) is a writer, poet, translator, and folk educator.  His book collection are over 40 titles on varying subject areas (2022). Children’s books, books on the integration of immigrant youth, books on Islam, books on the social and political status of Somali women, but above all books consisting of poetry collections and biographies are some of the areas that Abdibashir writes about. He writes mainly in the Somali language.

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